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Season 2 Finally—shocker!

To start of, hello Amanda! This episode told the Initiative’s bait, Jack knows the entire truth, there’s another child on the way, and once again a loving character dies. Thanks a lot Revenge…just joking, this episode was incredible. Heads up, if you have not watched this episode yet and plan to do so, I advice you to stop reading after this paragraph. PLEASE STOP!

Last warning….

To start off, Victoria Grayson seems to be left in the shadows by Conrad. Who knew he was in the “In” crowd. Just like Victoria’s husband her kids want to get as far from her as possible. Speaking of the young Grayson’s, Charlotte is pregnant by a Declan Porter and Daniel is still engaged to Emily.

Daniel has always told us he doesn’t kill, but his blood on his shirt after the scene with Aidan proves otherwise. If only Daniel knew his own fiancé Emily Thorne was in a true relationship with Aidan. She was only using Daniel to get to the Grayson family. Emily AKA “Amanda” still hold her feelings for sweet Jack which has gone of the walls from his brother, Declan’s, death. The only way Emily could stop Jack’s attempt to kill Conrad Grayson was to tell him the utter truth; this ended the episode in awww and ERMEGERDDDDDS!!!

Lastly but not least, the Initiative has taken Nolan and has set him up as the 2nd David Clarke. Sad Nolan… he was the best good guy (totally loved that dude). To hurt is soul even more, they forced Nolan’s dead girlfriend, Padma, to make a video saying that Nolan is the Initiative and the reason for the explosion and all the drama with it.

Can’t wait for the Fall!

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The Originals: coming to CWtv on Tues, October 15 8/7c

The new show off of Vampire Diaries is called The Originals. It comes out on October 15, 2013 and tells viewers more about Claus and his goals in life. This is going to be good!!!

Heres a trailer. For more visit

Vampire Diaries S4 Final Episode

On October 10, 2013 at 8/7c, VD will start its 5th Season!! (applause) I’ll give you a quick update on the most recent activity.

First, the entire high school cast graduate. Good thing this time came because, everybody forgot about them being in school, literally. Damon and Elena are back together and more than ever, which means that, yes, Elena has her emotions back. The sire bond is broken so Elena’s feelings for Damon are real and passionate.

For heart broken Stefan, well he’s in a casket at the bottom of the lake in Mystic Falls due to being the doppelgänger of Silas (the first immortal being in the world). You would think Stefan would be honored but thats not really how stuff works in Mystic Falls.

Now to the best love affair yet, Claus comes back in time from New Orleans to save Damon from a wolf bite and to the kill the angry witch. Because Claus loves Caroline, he gives her a graduation present: Tyler’s freedom. He also tells her how he knows Tyler is her first love but he expects to be her last. Wooow…. At the same time Claus has a baby on his way back in New Orleans which starts off the new show The Originals coming out in October 15th this year.

Rebecca and Matt are now traveling to Europe together…don’t know whats going to happen there.

Bonnie, oh poor Bonnie, is a ghost with the rest of her witch family, but had the opportunity to resurrect Jeremy the 100th time! Jeremy can see Bonnie because of his “see ghost” powers. I wonder how Bonnie being dead will give her a stronger role in this show since she can’t be compared to Caroline or Elena (nothing to do with race).

Back to Little Miss Gilbert, she continues the fight with the unlucky doppelgänger Catherine. But this time, Catherine looses and swallows down the blood that everyone killed to take: the cure. Not only does she not want this cure, it will be fun seeing how she handles this human world. Basically Elena and Catherine switch roles: human to vampire.

I bet your wondering how is it possible to put all that in an 1 hour episode? Well thats how Vampire Diaries work baby! More post on episode will continue at the start of Season 5 (so excited). So during this summer just enjoy, famous quotes. GIFs, pictures, and clips from this blog 🙂